The Christ of Christmas


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Why do we celebrate Christmas? Look beyond the tinsel and festivities. Christ is more than just a babe lying in a manger. He is more than just the Reason for the season. From “A Conversation between Cousins,” to “Christ Presented to Mankind,” these sermons give us the miracle of Christmas—The Christ of Christmas.


Author: Greg Neal  | Pages: 145  | Chapters: 8 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. A Conversation Between Cousins
  2. Do You Have Room for Jesus?
  3. Who Was Lying in the Manger
  4. The Purpose of the Birth of Jesus
  5. Christ Presented To Mankind
  6. Why We Celebrate Christmas
  7. The Reason for the Season
  8. The Miracle of Christmas

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The Christ of Christmas

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