Men Ought Always to Pray


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Prayer is a wonderful gift made available to God’s people—one that every person can enjoy, especially as each prayer is answered. However, oftentimes, we hinder our requests from being met because we do not understand God’s thoughts on the subject.

In Men Ought Always to Pray, Dr. Jack Trieber delineates the Biblical view on prayer and encourages every Christian to develop a closer relationship with Him.

Author: Jack Trieber  | Pages: 243  | Chapters: 18 | Format: Paperback

Chapter Titles:

  1. The Pattern in Prayer
  2. The Prototype for Prayer
  3. The Problem in Prayer
  4. The Procedure in Prayer
  5. Perpetual Prayer
  6. Possible Prayers
  7. The People of Prayer
  8. The Place of Prayer
  9. The Purpose of Prayer
  10. Preparation for Prayer
  11. Persistence in Prayer
  12. A Person in Prayer
  13. The Practice of Prayer
  14. Prayerlessness
  15. The Pastor and Prayer
  16. Parents and Prayer
  17. The Parishioner in Prayer
  18. The Prize in Prayer

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Men Ought Always to Pray

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