Restored: Living and Loving After Abuse


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Abuse! The “not talked about” topic, while many suffer in silence alone. In Restored: Living and Loving after Abuse Dr. Don Woodard offers hope and healing for the abuse victim to see a way to victory with proven life principles to help the abuse victim confront their giants, realize that peace, hope, and victory can be obtained and that they can live and love again. This book is also an excellent resource for the counselor and for those who love a victim of abuse.


Author: Don Woodard  | Pages: 170  | Chapters: 15 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Somebody Does Love You
  2. A New Journey
  3. Taking Back My Life
  4. Past-Present-Future: What I Can Change
  5. The Power of Forgiveness
  6. Questions From the Heart, Answers From God
  7. Trust
  8. Confronting Giants
  9. Prepare For Warfare
  10. Self-Value
  11. Written On Your Heart
  12. Pour Out Your Heart
  13. Hope
  14. Personal Peace
  15. Beauty For Ashes


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Restored: Living and Loving After Abuse

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