Just Say No! Forty Days To Victory Over Temptation


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Just Say No! 40 Days to Victory over Temptation is a devotional book designed to give a daily Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of Bible truth on the subject of temptation. Every chapter is a call to say NO to sin. Trust God for the victory. With His help, you can create lasting, positive change in your life. Once you have victory, you can help others find it as well.


Author: Paul E. Chapman  | Pages: 101  | Chapters: 40 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

Day 1: Every Christian’s Battle
Day 2: Your New Master
Day 3: You Do Not Have to Sin
Day 4: I Abhor Myself
Day 5: Christ Died for Our Sins
Day 6: Little Sins Lead to Big Sins
Day 7: Occasion to Blaspheme
Day 8: The Father’s Chastening
Day 9: Sin Steals Joy
Day 10: Sin Makes You Stupid
Day 11: Sin Condemns the Soul
Day 12: Sin Corrupts Innocence
Day 13: Sin Destroys the Body
Day 14: Sin Hardens the Heart
Day 15: Sin Wars against the Soul
Day 16: Sin Paralyzes Love
Day 17: Sin Postpones God’s Purpose
Day 18: Sin Perverts the Mind.
Day 19: Sin Erodes Potential
Day 20: Sin Leads to More Sin
Day 21: God Will Not Tempt You to Do Evil
Day 22: The Tempter
Day 23: The First Temptation
Day 24: Peer Pressure
Day 25: The Temptation of Riches
Day 26: The Way of Escape
Day 27: 1 Will Be Sorry
Day 28: Do Not Be Envious of Sinners
Day 29: Sin Withholds Good Things
Day 30: Jesus Christ the Destroyer
Day 31: Anatomy of Temptation
Day 32: Rejoice in Spite of Temptation
Day 33: Endure
Day 34: The Lord Delivers
Day 35: Think on These Things
Day 36: It Is Written
Day 37: Jesus Knows
Day 38: Heavenly Help
Day 39: Watch and Pray
Day 40: A Season of Rest

Appendix A: Five Steps to Heaven
Appendix B: How to Use Romans 6.
Appendix C: The Doctrine of Replacement
Appendix D: Scriptural Affirmations.
Appendix E: Start Again Today

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Just Say No! Forty Days To Victory Over Temptation